Breaking Bad: Say My Name

As always, some live-bloggy thoughts on tonight’s Breaking Bad. Fucking Walter White.

When is Mike going to get a new car?

“Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca Cola?” Awesome.

Walt is acting like the master in a BDSM relationship.

Jesse and Skyler need their own spin-off series.

Safety deposit box cam! That’s a new one.

So, that’s how Mike is going to pay off the legacy costs to his guys? Seems like that would take a while.

Wait, did Mike get a new car?  Aw, damn, it looks like that was just a loner.

Walt, master manipulator, is likely going to get Jesse to do what he wants. As usual. Sigh.

How long until Hank goes out on his own to follow Mike?

I figured Todd would be the one to help Walt, somehow, some way, eventually.

The one type of scene this show consistently shoots well are the cooking ones.

Was it ever explained why Dan The Lawyer represented all nine of Mike’s guys? Seems like that plan was foiled rather quickly.

Crocodile tears of Walter White strike again.

So, Dan The Lawyer is dead now, right?

Will the DEA dump Mike’s phone records and see that Walt called him?

Mike’s voice has never sounded so rattled.

I couldn’t hate Walt any more than I do right now. Killing Mike solves zero of Walt’s problems with the nine guys.

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