Breaking Bad: Gliding All Over

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad

The return of the fly. The fly represents all that is unclean with this whole operation.

Mike deserves better than to be dissolved in a vat of acid

Walt needs to invest in a better showerhead.

There’s Leaves of Grass again. Gale’s favorite.

The Czech Republic is a big meth haven? Who knew.

Lydia, always keeping her head just above the barrel of the gun, or in this case Ricin.

I have a hard time believing Walt is going to actually murder 10 of Mike’s “guys”.

One of the guys who’s organizing the hit on Mike’s “guys” in prison is Devil from Justified? Vastly different than that character, who is as incompetent as they come.

What I said about Walt not killing the “guys”? I can’t believe I underestimated him. Jesus that was shot beautifully.

The cancer is slowly killing Walt. Walt is slowly killing Hank.

Perfect use of “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

Marie’s purple, zebra print couch may be the single ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s been almost three months since the kids moved in with Marie and Hank? That’s a lot of time elapsed for this show considering the first four seasons took place in one year.

If that storage unit ended up on Storage Wars Barry would find some way to not make a profit.

That was a strange reminiscing scene. What was Walt’s motivation? It couldn’t be a pure thought.

Who believes Walt is out? Only Skyler?

Gale, coming back from the grave to haunt Walt.

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