The Walking Dead: Seed

Some live-bloggy thoughts on The Walking Dead’s premiere.

I had a lot of issues with the second season of the show. Hopefully this season brings better results…

-A homemade silencer is a nice touch to any 12 year old’s gun.

-Eating dog food on the other hand…gross. Owl, though…

-Hershel is a smart man. Beards are the way to go.

-Lori’s pregnant belly looks hilarious. Like they put a rubber nipple on a bowling ball.

-That didn’t take long to find the prison.

-One of the more ridiculous aspects of this show is how everyone has the marksmanship of a trained sniper.

-Michonne is pretty bad ass.

-Riot gear zombies are the most dangerous zombies.

-A lot of people complained that last season didn’t have enough zombie killing. This episode should definitely appease them.

-The weight of being the dictator (Ricktator) takes its toll.

-Down goes Hershel, down goes Hershel.

-Um, Hershel seemed a bit too calm while his leg was getting chopped off.

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