The Walking Dead: Sick

Some live-bloggy thoughts on Sunday’s “The Walking Dead”

-Is one of the prisoners Michael Clarke Duncan’s son? Too soon?

-The Ricktatorship is in full effect.

-It’s a nice change of pace to see the reaction of people who haven’t been exposed to this new world before.

-If I was just informed that half the population was wiped out by a disease I would probably try and learn as much about how to survive as possible, not argue with the leader.

-I’m sure bread crumbs make a lovely meal.

-These prisoners are dumb as all hell

-Carl killing walkers by himself and back talking his mom. He ran off again, too? Awesome.

-RIP Michael Clarke Duncan Jr


-The moral compass Rick has to impose on himself this season is far better than season 2.

-Carol, gross.

-If only the show would cut ties with Lori the way Rick has.

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