The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the most shocking and emotional episode of the series to date.

This world would be much more interesting if animals turned to zombies as well.

T-Dog, you’re not allowed to have an opinion during the Ricktatorship.

The extended absence of Lori has been a welcomed addition.

My favorite part of the show continues to be the fact that everyone has turned into an expert marksman.

Finally, the every useless T-Dog gets bitten.

Merle is unapologetically brazen, I’ll give him that.

A giant air horn is the absolute worst thing you could have in a zombie apocalypse.

*crosses my fingers* Here’s hoping Lori dies during childbirth.

The one character without a backstory anyone cares about dies. Good.

The Governor seems all well and good until you see his aquarium of heads, Andrea.

I understand you’re upset Rick left you to die and all, but whats the point of attracting the mess of zombies, little guy?

While the birthing scene was actually pretty touching, the aspect of the baby was still an unneeded dynamic. It did give us an excuse to get rid of Lori, though.

Bravo to the performance of Andrew Lincoln in that final scene. Rick will mourn, but this will also give him a chance to move on. As long as Carl and the baby are still alive he has something to live for. He’s changed a lot as a character this season and this will only push that farther along.

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