The Walking Dead: Hounded

Some live bloggy thoughts on “Hounded”

As expected, the Governor’s not letting Michonne go peacefully as Merle and a posse are tracking her down. Going by body count, that didn’t work out so well.

The phone Rick answered seems to be real and not part of him going insane, though he does seem to still be leaning in that direction.

I’m going to bet that the call is coming from someone inside Woodbury. Rick and the Governor have to clash eventually.

Andrea, still wanting some conformity in her life, decides to stay in Woodbury. Breaking rules isn’t going to help, though.

Carl and Darryl, bonding over death.

Michonne has figured out if you SMELL like a walker they’ll treat you like one.

Ok, perhaps I was wrong about the going insane thing.

Awkward sexual innuendos with the Governor. Good times.

Two hostages, a baby in need of formula, and a wounded Michonne. Not good for our heros.

Yep, Rick’s mentally lost it.

I was never interested in Lori, so I’m not interested in Rick’s grief and psychosis over her.

Yes, Darryl, the person NO ONE WENT LOOKING FOR, is still alive.

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