Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

Some live-bloggy thoughts on last night’s Walking Dead


-Nice to see Merle hasn’t changed much.

-Glenn knows he can’t give away Darryl’s location. It’s the only leverage he has against Merle.

-Apparently the stench of walker has a limited shelf life.

-Michonne has a strange affection for her katana.

-As I’ve noted before, the whole Carol subplot is stupid. No one cared to look for her when they had no evidence she had died. Her character has been built more this year but she’s still one of the least compelling ones.

-Glenn looks like a boxer after 15 rounds.

-Carl is far less annoying this season, though I guess there’s less chance he runs off somewhere now.

-Naming the baby after some random third grade teacher?

-Glenn’s always been my favorite. This just cements it.

-Creepy experiments on cancer patients. Good times, Milton.

-The Governor. The sexual assaulter. Awesome. Not.

-Stupid scientists.

-This is the type of episode that was needed to put the Governor in a real evil light.

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