The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead…

Cutty from The Wire is killing zombies? I’m in.

Seeing how another group is surviving in this environment is a good change of pace. Though them invading the prison when the muscle of the group is gone likely won’t end well.

You get a feel for how differently people in this world handle death. Carl shoots Lori after she gives birth, to protect the group and to end her misery. The Governor can’t let his zombie daughter go.

How is this guy finding time to wax his moustache to get it to curl like that? That’s not a natural look.

Glen picked a lock with a human forearm. He’s the best.

The group got into Woodbury reallllly easily.

This is like the best game of American Gladiators ever.

As soon as another black male cast member is added the other one dies. Of course.

What could go wrong with a 12 year old wandering zombie infested prison hallways by himself?

If you show me a room of fish tanks filled with human heads in the beginning of the season I have to see it again at some point. So, nice touch there.

I know Michonne killing Penny was supposed to be dramatic, but I couldn’t help but laugh. The Governor hasn’t been formed well as a villain. Michonne hasn’t been formed well either for that matter.

The Andrea vs Michonne staredown means very little when both characters have been disappointments this season.

Maybe Cutty can teach everyone how to box in case they run out of ammo.

This is when the Governor turns into cyclops, right?

Sacrificing Merle for your shortcomings. Smart move, Governor.

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