Breaking Bad: Gliding All Over

Some live-bloggy thoughts on the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad

The return of the fly. The fly represents all that is unclean with this whole operation.

Mike deserves better than to be dissolved in a vat of acid

Walt needs to invest in a better showerhead.

There’s Leaves of Grass again. Gale’s favorite.

The Czech Republic is a big meth haven? Who knew.

Lydia, always keeping her head just above the barrel of the gun, or in this case Ricin.

I have a hard time believing Walt is going to actually murder 10 of Mike’s “guys”.

One of the guys who’s organizing the hit on Mike’s “guys” in prison is Devil from Justified? Vastly different than that character, who is as incompetent as they come.

What I said about Walt not killing the “guys”? I can’t believe I underestimated him. Jesus that was shot beautifully.

The cancer is slowly killing Walt. Walt is slowly killing Hank.

Perfect use of “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

Marie’s purple, zebra print couch may be the single ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s been almost three months since the kids moved in with Marie and Hank? That’s a lot of time elapsed for this show considering the first four seasons took place in one year.

If that storage unit ended up on Storage Wars Barry would find some way to not make a profit.

That was a strange reminiscing scene. What was Walt’s motivation? It couldn’t be a pure thought.

Who believes Walt is out? Only Skyler?

Gale, coming back from the grave to haunt Walt.

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Breaking Bad: Say My Name

As always, some live-bloggy thoughts on tonight’s Breaking Bad. Fucking Walter White.

When is Mike going to get a new car?

“Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca Cola?” Awesome.

Walt is acting like the master in a BDSM relationship.

Jesse and Skyler need their own spin-off series.

Safety deposit box cam! That’s a new one.

So, that’s how Mike is going to pay off the legacy costs to his guys? Seems like that would take a while.

Wait, did Mike get a new car?  Aw, damn, it looks like that was just a loner.

Walt, master manipulator, is likely going to get Jesse to do what he wants. As usual. Sigh.

How long until Hank goes out on his own to follow Mike?

I figured Todd would be the one to help Walt, somehow, some way, eventually.

The one type of scene this show consistently shoots well are the cooking ones.

Was it ever explained why Dan The Lawyer represented all nine of Mike’s guys? Seems like that plan was foiled rather quickly.

Crocodile tears of Walter White strike again.

So, Dan The Lawyer is dead now, right?

Will the DEA dump Mike’s phone records and see that Walt called him?

Mike’s voice has never sounded so rattled.

I couldn’t hate Walt any more than I do right now. Killing Mike solves zero of Walt’s problems with the nine guys.

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Breaking Bad: Buyout

As always, here are some live-bloggy thoughts on this weeks excellent episode

Why is Todd not wearing gloves when taking apart the bike? Also, Jesse is notably absent.

As gruesome as it is, the barrel is the only way they could have handled the body.

Is Jesse’s hand shaking with rage? He can barely hold his cigarette.

Well…I guess that right cross answered that question.

Walt is going to have some use for Todd going forward. Anyone who is so committed to a cause that he’d kill a child is right up Walt’s alley.

You don’t put a detail on Mike. He’s all knowing. Especially with the bug on Hank’s phone.

Hey, here’s a change, Marie is wearing purple.

Another instance of a White family member crying, being emotional yet not lying about the subject matter. There’s no chance Skyler tells Marie anything. Walt can’t get undone like that.

Walt obviously isn’t taking the child’s death as harshly as Jesse.

Jesse AND Mike are getting out of the game? That puts a snag into Walt’s plans. It seems like a really good plan, if money is all you’re looking for, which Walt originally was. Walt’s ego surely won’t allow it, though.

So, Walt’s arrogance is a based in his error in taking a buyout from Gray matter? One is a legal corporation, the other isn’t. People get murdered in one, people don’t in the other.

Having Jesse in the house is not going to ease Skyler’s concerns over the kids coming back.

I’m convinced Walt just has one light bulb and carries it from room to room.

Skyler has the line of the epsiode: “They are from the deli…at Albertsons.” She’s been on the fire past few weeks. That’s saying a lot since I haven’t liked her character in some time.

It would create a mess for him with the DEA tails, but Mike killing Walt wouldn’t be such a bad idea for him. We know Walt is alive on his 52nd birthday so obviously he doesn’t.

I’ve seen enough movies to know that tying someone to the AC/radiator never works out the way the person intended.

If Walt is one thing it’s imaginative when it comes to fixing problems.

Did I say Skyler had the line of the episode? Saul might have stolen it with the “Uncle Milty” line.

One day that smirk on Walt’s face is going to go away.

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Breaking Bad: Dead Freight

As always, here are some live-bloggy thoughts on tonight’s Breaking Bad.

No way this kid spotted that tarantula from that far away. None. Also, a jean jacket? What year is this?

Hank doesn’t look right in a suit.

Fake tears? Pulling on Hank’s heart strings? Another low for Walt. He’s 100% right in what he’s saying, but the motives are obviously total bullshit.

“And where will I shoot you?” “Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to their head.” Mike is the best.

Lydia’s life is saved by someone else’s ineptness. How long until she talks to Hank? She could certainly work out a deal if she gave up the three amigos. But, so could Skyler I guess.

Nice to see Hank is keeping up with all the latest movies and picked up ‘Heat’.

Another darkly lit set. Jesse and Walt need to invest in lights.

Jesse keeps having good ideas while Walt and Mike bicker. “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!”

Todd! Nice to see you back.

The episode title “Dead Freight” doesn’t give me hope that this robbery will go as planned.

I forgot Bill Burr was a patsy of Saul’s. He played a water inspector, or something close, last season.

Everything needing to be EXACTLY perfect is going to come back to bite Walt in the ass at some point.

Only fans of Friday Night Lights will get this, but we knew it was only a matter of time before Landry went on another killing spree.

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Breaking Bad: Fifty-One

Some live-bloggy thoughts on tonight’s Breaking Bad


Th Aztek makes a reappearance? That thing never dies.

So, Walt traded in the Aztek and PT Crusier for two new muscle cars? That won’t look suspicious at all. And so the ego builds…

It’s a different level of stress that makes you put on two different shoes.

Mike has a seemingly endless supply of “guys”.

As Andy Greenwald pointed out at Grantland, the White’s house continues to be lit like a cave.

“What’s wrong with their environment?” You mean besides the kids living under the same roof as a meth kingpin?

Walt Jr. eating breakfast. Drink!

In the opening scene of the premiere we see Walt making a 52 with his bacon. No Skyler around to do it?

I know scenes with Skyler are necessary to show how Walt’s actions have affected his family and to show how others not working for him react to this changed man, but I really can’t stand most scenes involving her.

They’re tracking the barrels?

Walt’s not going to want Skyler to talk to any therapist.

I know it’s possible, but it’s pretty implausible that all of this has happened in a year. The chemo, Tuco, all the stuff with Gus, etc.

“I thought you were the danger?” Ha.

An amendment to my previous statements about Skyler, that bedroom scene was one of my favorite Skyler moments ever. “Wait for what?” “For the cancer to come back.” Holy. Shit.

“That’s what I get for being sexist.” Mike gets all the funny lines, man.

Jesse has a heart of fucking gold.

Walt’s right that Jesse did change his mind about him, but only after some expert manipulation. If he knew the truth things would be different. Skyler knows the truth.

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Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay

Mike, the world’s most ill fitting paralegal.

I know she’s a necessary character, but I can’t stand Skyler.

Mike runs the business side…sure he does.

Saul LOVES the Laser Tag place.

Mobile Meth Manufacturing?

Walt’s ego is the size of New Mexico.

Skinny Pete can tickle the ivories? Who knew.

Landry from Friday Night Lights? I hope he doesn’t go on a statewide killing spree (inside FNL joke).

Walt shaking Brock’s hand, and bringing up his hospital stay? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Is that a “how did I almost murder this little boy?” look from Walt?

The camera work by Michael Slovis, the director of photography, is great as always.

“Secrets create barriers between people.” Oh, you mean Jane and Brock, Walt?

Skyler is smoking? I don’t use this often, but, lol. I really hope if/when Hank finds out about Walt that its because of his good police work and not because Skyler cracked.

Walt selling Skyler to Marie out for cheating on him with Ted? Every character is a button, and Walt is pushing all of them.

This new cooking regime is off to a rocky start. Walt’s not going to give a shit about Mike’s “guys”.

Walt’s ego is not going to like the Jesse James line. Aaaand there he goes, trying to make connections that don’t exist.

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Breaking Bad: Madrigal

Who knew slowly eating tater tots could be so creepy?

“Franch” sounds disgusting.

That is one hell of a way to go out, dude. Bigger balls than I.

Chekov’s ricin. Over/Under on how many many weeks until we see that used?

Walt comforting Jesse after he breaks down after finding the fake ricin is disgusting.

Mike seems to be the only one who sees exactly what Walter What is, a ticking time bomb.

The speech from Hank’s boss about Gus being a completely different person right under his nose has to at least raise one red flag in Hank’s brain.

That scene in the diner with Mike and Lydia is one of the more subtle, hilarious moments the show has had in a while.

Breakfast with the Whites!

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Mike’s life as a beat cop (season 3’s ‘Half Measures’), but it’s the first we’ve heard of his exit, however vague it was.

Mike does very well in the interview, but Hank isn’t an idiot and brings up the money. It seems to me like Hank is going to be the ultimate hero of this show.

Lydia’s request of having Mike kill off the 11 guys seems silly. Yes, they could talk, but it would look VERY suspicious if all 11 died suddenly and Mike was left alive.

As much as Mike wants to kill Lydia he knows she can get the supplies Walt needs, and with his money now cut off he needs a gig. Tough world.

“There’s no better reason than family.” GROSS.

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